Before becoming a restaurateur, Eric Rogers, chef, and owner of Black Box Fix, was once a little 8-year old boy helping out at his Grandparent's restaurant. This is where he first learned how to cook with love and passion. The skill undoubtedly became part of him. His desire to give customers a WOW experience grew stronger and stronger until he couldn't resist the urge to become a restaurateur.
Dreaming big was the strength of Eric. Despite facing trials and tribulations, failures and mistakes, success, and perseverance, Eric was determined to keep going until he reached his ultimate goal. What started as a dream, marked by a leap of faith and hard work transformed into a significant success in a very competitive industry.

Eric still terms himself as a student in his profession. 'I am learning something new everyday while constantly trying to do things better and more efficient,' he says.
Thanks to the help of his supportive business partner and hard-working spouse, he is able to scale to greater heights every single day.

Today, Black Box Fix has grown beyond limits and expectations. But this only marks the beginning of a long and successful journey.

Black Box Fix is designed to offer a 5-star customer experience, tasty meals, and ambiance inside our stores.

Our values are centered around creating gourmet chef-inspired sandwiches and street food with a high-level service experience that will keep you yearning for more.
At Black Box Fix, we cherish loyalty and customer satisfaction. That's why we work so hard to stay innovative and better our services day in, day out.

We may not be perfect, but we are genuine and care a great deal about the products and services served.

Our doors are always wide open, ready to serve you.
At Black Box Fix, cooked with love, served with passion!

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